Filming Service Production Company in Croatia

Optimally located in the center of Europe, Croatia’s diverse landscapes can play the part of nearly any location imaginable. With cities, mountains, and beaches nearby, Croatia offers nearly limitless filming locations at an affordable price. Arguably one of the best filming locations in all of Europe, Croatia also boasts a long list of award-winning production companies with years of experience in creating high-quality filmed content and photos that have been featured in major international magazines and television stations such as CNN, Nat Geo Channel, ABC News, The New York Times etc.

Filming Service Production Company

Baam is a Croatian-based Filming Service Production Company, providing logistical solutions for filming service and film productions. Our services include filming location scouting, permit application & coordination, transportation, equipment and crew hiring. We manage all aspects of shooting so that you can focus on producing your best work. Whether you’re an independent producer or a large film production company working with high-profile talent and directors, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive solution to meet your needs while traveling to our spectacularly beautiful filming locations in Croatia!

Film Locations in Europe

If you’re considering filming a production outside of your home country, you need to make sure that it fits your budget. This is where studying up on good film locations becomes really important. In addition to finding production houses and services, you also need to start thinking about where exactly you’re going to shoot these scenes. The best part about filming locations is that there are so many amazing cities that can double for one another.

How to Save on Crew Costs

The key to saving money on your production is ensuring that you do as much of it yourself as possible. Do all of your own makeup, wardrobe and hair; bring props from home or purchase them from thrift stores; work on establishing good relationships with crew members who might be willing to work for less. If a larger production company starts looking more affordable than hiring a large number of actors to fill out roles, consider what’s being left behind if you opt for experienced professionals: authenticity. And while they may save some cash up front, big productions usually come with an entire web of overages—insurance costs are likely higher when dealing with high-risk stunts; penalties on paperwork can quickly add up when filing licenses and permits; extra lighting equipment means another trip back to Home Depot.

Do You Really Need a Crew?

As we discussed before, a film production company can be pretty useful if you need some camera and sound assistance. But you don’t always need an entire crew; particularly if you’re on a low budget or just want to shoot something quickly and with little fuss. If that sounds like your project, then it may not be necessary to hire all hands on deck—you can simply hire a cinematographer or audio engineer for your project. This is also great news if you prefer more creative control over your film-making process—if you are making a movie with close friends and family, for example, there’s no reason to give up creative authority by hiring everyone from a director (who will demand final say) to makeup artists (who will have zero say). Instead, start shooting! Just bring along someone who knows what they’re doing behind or in front of the camera.

Other Film Production Services You Should Consider

Film production service providers often have a list of other services they offer. If you’re interested in filming or video production, but aren’t sure what else might be involved, it could help to find out more about film producers and companies that provide additional services for hire. A film producer might also be able to point you in the direction of an editor, music composer or other specialists who can work with them on your project.

Filming locations in Croatia

Many films and TV shows are filmed in Croatia and its unique landscape serves as a dramatic filming location. Since there are so many great spots to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re not already familiar with these sites. Here are some great filming locations in Croatia that will help get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to also check out our video tours of film shooting locations in Croatia for more inspiration. Filming Tip: A filming service production company can provide services such as local crew coordination and equipment rentals for on-location shoots; just fill out their questionnaire and they’ll work hard behind-the-scenes to keep your shoot running smoothly throughout production!